COVID-19 is not a joke:
Please practice social distancing. Stay home. Stay away from others. Wear a mask. This is no joke.
If you are under any possible notion that this is false-news then please
watch this youtube video.

To esteemed instructors and loyal patrons:
It has been our pleasure to provide incredible training opportunities to you for over 10 years. When we got into the business of arranging for top notch trainers to travel to New England to teach, there really was no other avenue (short of flying to Nevada). Over time, the market has become saturated and now there are too many alternatives for you to choose from. That’s a blessing and a curse.

For NEShooters, LLC it means that we are no longer needed as a separate company and that shows in a number of ways - especially the bottom line. Our last class has come and gone. As soon as we can make it happen, NEShooters, LLC will transfer all of our duties over to Ken Allen of Ken Allen Training (  Ken has been a great partner for NEShooters and we're all sure he'll do a great job going forward.

Shooting Thoughts - Safety First:
If you don't train with someone watching, how do you know you're safe? Instructors are there to help you help yourself.

Practice is a double-edged sword: do something 100 times - good, do someting 1000 times - better, do something 10,000 times and it will be ingrained into your "muscle memory".
For better or worse. If you did it wrong 10,000 times then it will take 10,000 more proper repetitions to undo and fix that mistake. Only external observation will prove effective against ingrained mistakes.

Consistent Sessions:
Block out the times in your schedule every week when you will practice. Set alarms. Never skip a training session. Otherwise your training will faulter and so will your skills.

You can STOP Unnecessary Class Cancellations
We believe that if every one of you brought at least one other person to a class that you want to take then we would stop having to cancel classes altogether! However, the benefit to you is that after the class you can compare notes with your friend - an excellent way to learn and retain that learning!

Note: See our
Policies page for details on class cancellations.

Note: NEShooters, LLC has made arrangements to obtain a limited amount of ammunition for our students at a really good price. Due to the limited nature, we can only sell this ammunition for the purposes of attending one of our classes. If you have any questions, please contact us.