As of January 1, 2017 Mike stepped down from the NEShooters Team to work with GONH (Gun Owners of New Hampshire) as a Training Coordinator. Mike will continue to advise and consult with the NEShooters Team during his transition period, continuing the outstanding customer service our students and instructors are accustomed to receiving. We wish Mike all the best!

Mike is a US Army Veteran, U.S.ARMY Military Police Corps who's motto is "This We'll Defend" & "Of the Troops, for the Troops”.

Mike Nastek is a:
  • NRA Certified Instructor.
  • NRA Advanced Pistol Instructor.
  • NRA Defensive Pistol Courses.
  • Home Firearm Safety.
  • Basic Pistol.
  • Basic Rifle.
  • Personal Protection in the Home.
  • Personal Protection outside the Home.
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer.
  • Marksman Enterprise / Jim Crews Instructor
    • Some of the Answer Series
    • Handgun
    • Urban Carbine
    • Urban Shotgun

Mike is certified by the State of Massachusetts and The Massachusetts State Police as a Basic Firearm Safety Instructor.

Mike has also trained with the Industries best instructors in Firearms and Combative Techniques:
  • (5x) Front Sight, 4 Day Defensive Handgun
  • (3x) Jim Crews, Defensive Handgun
  • (2x) Randy Cain, Combat Handgun
  • (4x) Gabe Suarez, Combat Handgun, Force On Force Courses.
  • (1x) Gunsite, 250 Course
  • (5x) SouthNarc, MUC, PUK & VCAST
  • (2x) Louis Awerbuck,Defensive Hangun
  • (3x) Bill Jeans, Combat Handgun & Shotgun
  • (3x) Rob Pincus, CFS
  • (2x) Mike Janich, Defensive Knife
  • (1x) Tom Sotis, Knife Techniques
  • (3x) Jeff Gonzales Combat handgun and Carbine
  • (1x) Mike "Doc" Hewitt, Combat Handgun
  • (2x) Dave Harrington,Combat Handgun
  • (4x) Kyle Lamb, Carbine 1.5
  • (2x) John Farnam, Defensive Handgun
  • (3x) Larry Vickers, Carbine and Handgun
  • (2x) Tom Givens, Combative Pistol, Dynamic Marksmanship Course

Mike is continuing his Training with Wes Doss, Claude Werner, Chris Fry, William April, Cecile Birch and many other noted instructors.