From: G. Nelson 
Date: Monday, July 31, 2017
Subject: Recent training

Ken, wanted to drop a note to you regarding this last training class.

Of all the professional instruction and training I have ever attended, this past weekend with Ken Allen in "Mayhem" (Defn Carbine/Handgun Malfunctions, Transitions and Self-Aid) was by far the best I have ever experienced!

Ken has found a way to bring multiple dynamics into one weekend... shooting, moving, communicating, accuracy  (down to individual round accountability) emergency field medical training, all in stages thru the weekend. The culmination of skills taught and practiced ended with teams working and coordinating together to extract and treat a wounded teammate while maintaining situational awareness and responding to active threats. It was an absolutely incredible experience, with a wealth of knowledge gained over 24 hours.

Thanks to Ken and all of the class .