Instructor: Ken Allen Bio
Business: Ken Allen Firearms Training
Class Date: 2018 Oct 13-14
Class Time: 0900-17:00 (5:00pm) - Note: arrive by 08:45am
Location: Pelham Fish & Game Club, Pelham, NH
Hotel: see Hotel Info
Class Size: [Contact Instructor]
Class Description

Where east meets west
3nd Annual Kalashtober - Ken Allen Training Partnered with Sellrain AK
A Northeast Kalash Community Event
2-Days of Learning Focused on all things AK
AK Pattern Rifle / Carbine - Skill Development Training
(AK47, AKM, RPK, Krink, Galil, Valmet, SIG 550 Series, Etc.)

Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics named Ken as one of the top rated AK Trainers in the US in the western style of AK gunning.

Level: Advanced Beginner thru Advanced Level.

The AK is not your AR/M4 and should not be treated as such... however foundational fundamentals are without boarders or favor. Come out and blend the best of both worlds and become more effective with the most robust and prolific platform in the world. Either begin to learn to manipulate the AK or improve and develop your skill sets with it!

Who should attend:
1. Any advanced-beginner though advanced level shooter but new to training or new to training with an AK.
2. An experienced AK enthusiast looking to work on efficiency of motion and to improve levels of speed and accuracy in combination with defensive techniques.
3. Those wishing to learn a more in depth understanding how an AK is made, about modern parts choices, what constitutes quality in the AK market place, and general AK maintenance from a Master Builder.
4. Those interested in demoing a select-fire AK (full auto experience w/ no extra fee).

The training will cover operation, use and maintenance of the AK pattern rifle / carbine. A comparison will be made between traditional eastern operation philosophies and modern western techniques. Foundational fundamental skills will be discussed, taught and practiced, along with defensive techniques and positioning. Numerous learning repetitions will be offered to assure the student’s understanding of the skills presented. Following each learning segments will be challenging drills for confirmation and reinforcement of each learning point. To ensure accuracy and accountability, targets will be continually scored and backgrounds will be checked. Individualized coaching and feedback will be offered. In this friendly environment, all students will be constantly encouraged to perform to their personal potential. This in-depth, well blended AK specific training is invaluable for the Armed Professional (foreign weapons familiarization) or Citizen Defender, but is equally as valuable for those interested in collecting, competition or range use of their rifle/ carbine.

Class size is limited; register early to hold your seat.


  • All students must already understand and practice firearm(s) safety and have general knowledge of their working mechanics for their safe operation.
  • One must be able to keep ones finger(s) clear from the trigger and trigger space when they are NOT on-target and ready-to-engage the target.
  • One must be able to safely manage the firearm(s), understand and use the safety selector and place sites on target, press the trigger, placing rounds on an intended target).
We will teach the rest.

Several Loaner AK Carbines will be available via Sellrain AK ‒ Make reservations during registration

Required Equipment Check List:
  • Tools: Any required by equipment (including sight adjustment tool, optics, Back Up Iron Sights (BUIS), etc.)
  • AK (7.62, 5.45, 5.56) ‒ Carbine, Pistol Braced Carbine Cal. Firearm, or SBR ‒ fully functional, zeroed and maintained.
  • Spare Firearm(s): Optional: makes practical sense to have backup Sling ‒ “2 Point” Adjustable
  • 6 Carbine magazines (30 round capacity mags preferred) Min 10 rnd capacity ‒ Bring extra.
  • Dummy Rounds (10) minimum for Carbine Caliber
  • Ammo - Approx. 300-500 Rounds per-day (1000 min-on-hand) ‒ No Steel Core (AP)
  • Ammo Note: This is an estimate. Varies based on class dynamic. Bring extra. NO Reloads or Remanufactured Ammo.
  • Lube and Rag
  • Duty Belt / Gear Belt min of 1 Mag Holder (2 preferred)
  • Addition Magazine Holder(s) per personal needs ‒ Gear Belt Mounted, Chest Rig, Plate Carrier, Mag Carrier, Bail-Out-Bag, etc. (be able to physically carry min of 5 extra mags)
  • Mag Loader (optional)
  • Eye Protection ‒ 2 pair min. (clear and sun protection)
  • Hearing Protection ‒ electronic preferred (w/ extra batteries)
  • Knee Pads
  • Flashlight
  • Sharpie Marker (2)
  • Pen / Note Pad
  • Shooters Cap
  • Sturdy Footwear
  • Shooting Gloves
  • AK “Lipstick” Cleaning Kit with steel rod
  • Trauma Kit w/ Tourniquet
  • Additional Training Tourniquet
  • First Aid Kit (Boo-boo Kit)
  • Cargo Pants (Pockets are useful for practice ‒ maybe all you have)
  • Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Additional Clothing Layers ‒ Suitable to Environmental Conditions
  • Rain Jacket / Pants
  • Sunscreen / Bug spray
  • Camp Chair
  • Cooler with ice and cold H2O
  • Snacks
  • Lunch (food options are not close by)

Cancellations: Received more than 31 days prior to training will receive a 75% credit toward future training (credit must be used within 4 months of the initially scheduled date or will be forfeit). Cancelations within 30 days (without a documented emergency) will forfeit payment. The same rules as above apply for accepted situations. (Examples of documented emergency situations accepted are as follows: hospitalization of oneself or dependent, death of immediate family member or dog).

Students must possess and produce a valid State issued drivers license and Concealed Firearms Permit / License (CCW or Equal) prior to training.

Fee: $450.00 (includes range fees)*
* Note: Student Loyalty Discount Program or a PFG member discount may apply. Email for specifics and or to qualify.

Note: Every student will receive an event T-shirt and an AK “Goodie Bag” valued at over $40

To register: Provide proof of eligibility & payment
Email a copy of the student(s) valid driver’s license and CCW / LTC or LE Creds along with payment to:
PAYMENT: Cash, Check, PayPal or Credit Cards accepted
Send payment via PayPal (Remarks on PayPal should read ONLY “101418”). Checks also accepted but must be received min of 10 days prior to event (Return checks: admin fee of $50 will be charged and due immediately with full payment via cash or credit card). Most major Credit Cards are also accepted (invoice will be emailed upon request, due upon receipt). No Discounts are extended for Credit Card payment.

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