Instructor: Ken Allen Bio
Business: Ken Allen Firearms Training
Class Date: 2018 Jul 12-13
Class Time: 09:00-17:00 (5:00pm) - Arrive by 08:45
Location: Homestead Training Center, Homestead, Florida
Class Size: [Contact Instructor]
Class Description

Transitions at the Speed of Life

A Defensive Carbine & Handgun Transition
Skill Development Training for the
Armed Professional and Citizen Defender

Ken Allen Training
In partnership with and hosted by
Sheepdog Police

This in-depth, well blended defensive carbine and defensive handgun skill development training is invaluable for the Armed Professional or Citizen Defender, but is equally as valuable for those interested in competition or range use of their carbine and handgun.

The two-day training reinforces efficient foundational techniques while incorporating the technical aspects of transitions as a result of malfunctions, ammunition shortage or discretion / situational circumstances. Defensive techniques are interwoven. Numerous learning repetitions will be offered to assure the student’s understanding of the skills presented. Following the learning segments will be challenging drills for confirmation and reinforcement of each learning point.

To maintain accountability, targets will be continually scored and measured (time). Individualized coaching and feedback is offered. In this friendly environment, all students are constantly encouraged to perform to their potential. Class size is limited.

Note: The training is designed to improve the skilled base level student thru advanced level student. This is NOT a first time learning to shoot or handle a carbine or handgun training.


  • All students must already understand and practice firearm(s) safety and have general knowledge of their working mechanics for their safe operation.
    • One must be able to keep ones finger(s) clear from the trigger and trigger space when they are NOT on-target and ready-to-engage the target.
    • One must be able to operate and manage the firearm(s) (load, reload, lock slide and or bolt to rear, use the safety selector and place sites on target, press the trigger, placing rounds on an intended target).

Provide proof of eligibility & payment to:
Josh Newton - Sheepdog Police Supply
12 SE 4th RD
Homestead, FL 33030


Email Ken Allen with a copy of the student(s) driver’s license and CCW(s) or LE Credentials along with payment to:

PAYMENT: Cash, Check, PayPal or Credit Cards accepted
Send payment via PayPal (Remarks on PayPal should read ONLY “072018”). Checks also accepted but must be received prior to July 2, 2018 ‒ No checks accepted after (Return checks: admin fee of $50 will be charged and due immediately with full payment via a bank check or cash). Most major Credit Cards are also accepted (call to have processed).

Received more than 31 days prior to training will receive a 50% credit toward future training (credit must be used within 4 months of the initially scheduled date or by the next training date in the same state or will be forfeit). Cancelations within 30 days (without a documented emergency) will forfeit payment. The same rules as above apply for accepted situations.

(Examples of documented emergency situations accepted are as follows: hospitalization of oneself or dependent, death of immediate family member or dog).