NEShooters, LLC
is pleased to announce our 10th Annual Summit!
Class Dates: 2018 May 5-6
Pelham Fish & Game Club, Pelham, NH
Hotel: see Hotel Info
Size: Minimum 34, Maximum 60, Current: 36


Class Promotional Flyer is here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the self-defense training event of 2018 in New England.

Not only is the Summit 2018 a "GO", but we have prize sponsors who have donated the following:

Stateline Guns Ammo & Archery has donated a brand new Mossberg 590 12ga pump shotgun with a 10 round magazine:


Gun and Sport North has donated a brand new M&P Bodyguard:

Patriot Firearms School & Defense, LLC in conjunction with The GUNBOX Company has donated 1 "GunBox Plus" safe (will be shipped direct to the winner of the drawing on Sunday).

The Law of Self Defense has donated 36 books to be provided to Summit attendees.

Mass Firearms School has donated 50 1-month memberships.

GONH has donated 6 "Green Eyes and Black Rifles" by Kyle Lamb for the drawing on Sunday.

Four Seasons has donated 2 $50 gift certificates for the drawing on Sunday.

Note: All attendees of the Summit who are present for the closing ceremony have a chance (random drawing) at one of the two firearms above (as long as they are legal in their state of residence)! A huge "Thank you!" to our sponsors!

What is the Summit?

We cover as much as is possible in a 2-day format: Rifle, Pistol, Hand-to-hand, TacMed, Awareness. You choose your level of participation for each segment. We take people of all skill levels.

Here's our instructor list (still filling in a few last places; content may change without warning):

Ken AllenKen Allen Training, LLCRifle/Carbine
John HearneLecture
Jake and Crystal PelletierRaven Firearms TrainingPistol
Christopher Van HoutonTraining/Condition RedTactical Medicine
Rick HoggWar HOGG Tactical Inc.Rifle/Carbine
Stu FullerCloverleaf Firearms GroupPistol
Rudy GonsiorRidgeline OutfittersLecture: Optics on Defensive Rifles/Carbines
Tom Leake/Jason ChildDefendMe, LLCKnife

Required equipment:

  • Semiauto pistol (or revolver by permission)
  • Carbine (AR15 or similar preferred)
Ammunition count:
  • Pistol 500 rounds minimum (bring spare)
    • Minimum 3 spare magazines (more is better)
    • Dummy rounds (5 or more)
  • Carbine 500 rounds minimum (bring spare)
    • Minimum 5 spare magazines (more is better)

Other equipment:
  • Sturdy belt, holster, mag pouches.
  • Concealed or open carry at the shooter's discretion.
  • Dress to get dirty.
  • Ear and eye protection.
  • Just the usual range gear. Nothing extravagant or out of the ordinary.
  • In general, please bring clothing suitable for the weather.

Keep watch on this page for updates to "Required Equipment".

Days start with sign-in at 07:00am.
Ranges / classes run from 08:00am - 17:00 (5:00pm).
Lunch is from 12:00-13:00 (1:00pm).
Closing session is from 17:00-18:00 (5:00pm-6:00pm) Sunday.

Synopsis from the instructors (as they roll in):

Jake and Crystal Pelletier: Pistol 1: We are planning on simple draw and presentation by the numbers, followed by accuracy and reloads a-plenty for the beginners, and more progressive skills like malfunction drills or stress inoculation for the more advanced students.

Stu Fuller: Pistol 2: In this course, we will take a different perspective on 'dummy rounds'. We will use various drills to identify deficiency from a student, instructor, and how we can use them to increase performance and gun manipulation across the board. Students will need at least a magazine or two worth of METAL cased dummy rounds. The rounds will be getting chambered under full power, and need to hold up. You will leave with a new perspective on how to train cost effective, and allow yourself to process more visually while you train. I'm looking forward to training!

John Hearne: Lecture: "Fifteen Years of Research into Good Guys, Bad Guys, and What Happens When They Meet" This lecture provides an in-depth examination of three major studies the FBI has completed over a fifteen year period. These studies used the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit (aka Profilers) to understand violent criminals and the cops who are assaulted and murdered by them. What emerges is how bad the bad guys really are, something under appreciated by most people. The studies also address a variety of topics including weapon selection by violent offenders and their training with the weapons. Finally, the most recent study provides an important model for understanding and winning violent confrontations.

Rick Hogg: Carbine X: "Target Indexing/Shifting Gears" This block of instruction will build on the point of aim point of impact instruction. This class will cover target indexing, multi shot engagement while also having the shooter shift engagement speed due to target size. There will also be additional equipment available for the student to try. Some examples are SIRT pistols, Archon Firearms Type B pistol, Radian Weapons Model 1 rifles, Aimpoint T-2 red dots Leupold scopes and more.


Boy scouts will be providing a simple hot lunch for a modest fee - a mailing will go out a few weeks prior to get a count of those who want to take advantage of this service.



The FULL cost of a seat depends on who you are and who you are attending with (a group is 2 or more attendees). To qualify for the discounts you must provide your membership number or list of attendees in the final payment's "Special instructions".

PF&G Member$309.00
GOAL Member$309.00
GO-NH Member$309.00

If you still have questions, please contact us.

Class Reservation Payment: The button below has a number of options.
  • Only if you have already reserved a seat should you choose one of the "DP balance options" (DP = Down Payment).
  • If you choose a discounted price then please make sure to fill out the field that explains your qualification (either a qualifying membership ID or a "group ID" - the name of your group leader). Please use the contact us information if you have any questions.