NEShooters, LLC
is pleased to announce our 10th Annual Summit!
Class Dates: 2018 May 5-6
Pelham Fish & Game Club, Pelham, NH
Hotel: see Hotel Info
Size: Minimum 45, Maximum 60, Current: 11

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the self-defense training event of 2018 in New England.

We cover as much as is possible in a 2-day format: Rifle, Pistol, Hand-to-hand, TacMed, Awareness. You choose your level of participation for each segment.

Here's our instructor list (still filling in a few last places; content may change without warning):

Ken AllenKen Allen Training, LLCRifle/Carbine
John HearneLecture
Jake and Crystal PelletierRaven Firearms TrainingPistol
Christopher Van HoutonTraining/Condition RedTactical Medicine
Rick HoggWar HOGG Tactical Inc.Rifle/Carbine
Stu FullerCloverleaf Firearms GroupPistol
InstructorOrganizationHand-to-hand or Knife

This years format is 2-day - we've heard you loud and clear.


The FULL cost of a seat depends on who you are and who you are attending with (a group is 2 or more attendees). To qualify for the discounts you must provide your membership number or list of attendees in the final payment's "Special instructions".

PF&G Member$309.00
GOAL Member$309.00
GO-NH Member$309.00

If you still have questions,
please contact us.

Class Reservation Payment: The button below reserves a seat in the class while we work out the details. The reservation costs $100.00. This is only a reservation - it is NOT the full price of admission (there is only 1 option).